(…) and that’s why it started.

The society is filled with people having varied opinion on ‘n’ number of topics. While this diversity is the basic essence of human nature, it brings along the responsibility also on individuals.

Several evils haunt this planet; social, political, economical. And they have devils by the name of poverty, hunger, lack of education, misinformation, casteism, regionalism, religionism, discrimination, sexism, exploding population and more.

It thus falls upon every individual to do the best, to their capability, to remove the devils from society and within, to get rid of the evil itself in turn. Do this through creating awareness, affirmative action, involving in dialogue, taking solutions to the problem and much more. Needless to say, within the contours of law. In a society a “just law” should be supreme.

This blog is my effort, in bringing my knowledge and opinion to the public forum, with a hope to touch as many lives as possible, while praying to do some good for them, through my words.

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An individual trying to inject some humanity in the modern beings of binary understandings.
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