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Who is the enemy?

Scenes from Palghar are terrifying and the act is just inhumane. No one can ever justify such actions and those doing so must be impleaded as accomplice or abettor of the crimes.

Thanks to Maharashtra Government’s action where 110 (including 9 underage) have been taken into custody (underage to juvenile home) for the reported crime, who will now await justice.

Meanwhile, one has to answer the question that was raised in the very first line. Is this the first instance of mob lynching that has been reported in India? Mind it, I am not even referring to such crimes arising out of communal hatered, as they are just a sub-set of the larger picture. Why does the crowd thinks that their being faceless will give them any superiority over individuals committing a crime?

Since a long time, India has witnessed such crimes which have been given a different name every single time to keep them separated from other category.

Religious killings.
Thievery killings. etc.

Just a random search of internet will make you understand in how the mob mentality works in the similar fashion, regardless of the enemy standing infront.

Now, who is the enemy here actually.

1. Because Sadhus were killed, therefore Muslims have to be the enemy?

2. Because Home Minister of Maharashtra has already said that it is victim and perpetrators both are Hindus, therefore Hindus have to be the enemy?

Wait, don’t be in a hurry to choose your answer from the above. I will give you one more option to choose from.

3. Because all such crimes have a single point of similarity, i.e. rampant wrong informations that goes unchecked by perpetrators due to lack of proper civil education, and therefore misinformation and uneducation is the enemy?

Let this sink in well. Understand the psychological pattern and criminology of such crimes. Once done wisely, you will have the right answer to the question raised.

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