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Bois Locker Room – Tip of the Iceberg

The mentality that is being displayed in the screenshots shared doesn’t develope in a day or in a generation. It is the constant conditioning of the mind that starts from your home and from your religious texts. It takes quite sometime before you are exposed to the outer world and can blame your friends, society, tv and film, pornography, politicians and alike factors which in a subtle, yet continuous, manner have been selling you the idea of men’s superiority over women. Be it mental, intellectual, physical or biological or the regulat manspalning, it varies on different levels.

1. The upbringing of boys are different from that of girl. Boys are allowed to conduct themselves as they wish, while girls are taught manners.

2. Absence of any form of sex education leading to nil understanding menstruation and the same being a stigma. Leave aside the religious places which discriminates, the pharmacists wrap sanitary pads in newspaper.

3. Most of the abuses used by people are either focused on a female genitalia or is directed towards a female relative. While those who try to remain desi use Hindi, the modern sophisticated society has switched to English version, without any difference in mentality.

4. There are specific crimes, victims of which in majority of cases are females. Not saying that some men have not been subjected to the same, but the difference in numbers is just beyond count. (Let’s not argue here the non acceptance of a gender neutral crime which, even though valid, is a debate for other time.)

5. Objectification is an accepted norm, thanks to the leading celebrities of every generation. Family and society often blames the girl for her way of talking, laughing, sitting, dressing and what not on being objectified.

6. People disregard sexual crimes as a criteria for leadership while casting their votes in the name of caste and religion, arising out of hate for others. And also, women supporting these leaders forget their crime against women, while defending their ideology.

7. Desire of men have preference over that of women. Several studies show that men consider women only as a tool for their sexual gratification and breeding offspring to carry on their “title”.

8. Inferior treatment at workplace by colleagues of similar or even lower expertise. Men’s general understanding that the success of a women is because of her gender and not intelligence.

9. Lack of women representation at public forum. Whether women have right to go to a temple or mosque or not are decided by men. Whether a women safety or reservation bill is required or not is decided by men.

10. Adult brain of parents is another challenge for every women, as she has to make parents understand with regard to what she wants. Most of the time, the power to fight with the outside world requires support of the family, and absence of the same puts every women in a place where they have to fight with their parents, before fighting with the world. (Read the difference between adult brain and child brain.)

The list will just keep going on. And these are some things which are not even considered as a crime in the society. These are just sickening mentalities. While the primary accused for developement of most of the situations talked above are men as a gender, however there are many situations where either women are supporting such men or have been seen promoting such mentalities through their conducts.

The evil is very deep rooted in our brains, in our talks, in our daily conduct, in our culture and in our society. Boys locker room is just the tip of the iceberg and it has only shocked everyone because the accused are teenagers and the words used are violent and terrifying in nature.

If you are to contest saying this culture doesn’t exist, then you are either an ignorant fool or are practitioner of this culture, and in neither of the scenarios you should have any right to speak or conduct yourself in any matter of socio-political relevance. And you don’t worry, you will forget it soon, just like you forgot everything else. With your attention span on an issue of concern being equivalent to lifespan of a mayfly, nothing more is expected from you. Some politicians or media houses will come in and fuel your misplaced ego or illinformed understanding, and you will be back on track continuing your verbal diarrhea on social platform.

For others, it is a time of introspect. No one reaches this point where these boys are in a single jump. There is a systematic conditioning of individuals which priorities men over women in all aspects. And while the Delhi Cyber Cell needs to handle these accused, this altered thinking needs to be handled simultaneously for a social change and a better tomorrow.

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